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November 20, 2014

Changing the OS to make a new one?

Hey guys. For some time now I have had (what I think are) a few great ideas for my own OS. I asked some of my friends that do computer programing if they could help me, but they all said that it is too much work that I should just look at linux. I took their advice and did some googling and found out I can take linux and make my own OS from it.

I have a problem though. I am not a computer programer by any means. I am a graphic designer. My coding knowledge is limited to HTML and CSS coding for websites and such. I mean I can probably sit down and try to learn programing code in my free time, but that would take a long long time, and I am not looking to going back to school for it because I am scared I would just end up failing the classes. (I am 19 years old by the way.)

Do any of you know where I might be able to find someone willing to help me as just a side project? or is there maybe some software that can do code editing and I just tell the program what I want the OS to do? Most of my ideas are User Interface based. I can do all of the graphics and everything for the OS I just need help with coding it to do things.

I was also thinking I might want to do a tablet or phone OS to start with if it would be easier to make. I don't really know anything about linux or where to start, I was just told it would be best to start here instead of making one from scratch. Can you guys recommend any youtube videos that can teach me all about the OS itself and what all it can/can't do? I heard that it has a lot of short comings compaired to other operating systems. or is it just as good as windows and apple?

Sorry about the long post and all the questions, I am just really interested in having my own OS and using linux to help. One last thing, is there a way to code it so I can run Windows programs without using WINE or Crossover?

Thank you for reading and for any advice you can give me!

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