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July 24, 2009

Choosing a Distribution (Solved)

I understand that I might be better off getting Ubuntu, or some other easy-to-use distribution, messing with it, and going from there...

I feel as though I might have a descriptive enough idea in mind to save myself a few gigabytes while downloading distributions geared at ease-of-use when I know that they are not my goal... I would like to focus on downloading gigabytes while trying out distributions geared towards what I want.

... I want the OS to sit in the background... not hinder me.

I have
[ul][li]32 bit, 1.2 GHz Processor[/li][li]640 MB ram[/li][/ul]
I use my computer for email, internet browsing, school work, and games... I intend to get a better computer that will run better games.

Idealistically, I would like a Linux distribution that
[ul][li]Boots quickly[/li][li]Uses few system resources[/li][li]Can run Windows-based games... CD games, internet games, and such.[/li][/ul]
If I understand emulators like Wine correctly, this is possible? If it is not, I suppose I could dual-boot Windows.

I know a decent amount about computers. What I do not know, I can learn...

I am not afraid of
[ul][li]Getting frustrated while learning[/li][li]Using a command line, if necessary[/li][li]Experimental... stuff, for lack of a better word.[/li][/ul]
So, I hopefully do not need to try out a distribution geared at being easy-to-use... I am looking for speed and stability.

Thanks for reading this novel of a post.

... Feel free to tell me that I am a stupid kid and that I should just download Ubuntu. I can take it. :)

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