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February 6, 2013

database (yes, I did try a search first)

I am presently building a pc to use as a small business database server with the ability to be accessed from Iphones, Ipads and PCs connected remotely through the internet for the limited purpose of adding and accessing information.

I am presently using XP svc pk3, and Access 2003 for building and maintaining the database, but have not yet set it up for remote access.

I have diddled with Caldera and the command line, 12 years ago as part of a general PC course. And have set up and used MINT just for internet access.

Basically I am looking for suggestions for distributions, Database software and how to allow queries and input remotely. Additionally I need to scan and track photos and send query reports via email (quotes, invoices etc.)

I know I can do this with Wind-Blows, Access and RealVNC, but am a bit paranoid about the users ability to screw with my setup.

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