January 24, 2013

distro for high end laptop

Hi there I have a new latptop Acer with intel I7 q3610 processor 32 gig ram nvidia gt650m videocard , samsung 830 ssd @256gig... Nice machine , im looking for a distro to use the advanced features like optimus and such . i currently run the latesy PCLinuxOS which i really like the look/feel of but its not even 64bit , id like 64bit with ability to utilize all 32gig or ram plc has a pae kernel but they freeze up on me and the latest kernel isnt pae .

so in essence i want a 64 bit distro that has asscess to all 32 gigs ram , optimus support latest drivers ...

i have tried many distros i dont like ubuntu look/feel or mint i kinda like kde interface .

thanks for any advice. geraldw321

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