March 13, 2012

Doing some research

Hi all,

My home (Windows) computer died recently, and I'm considering replacing it with a Linux box. I tried this once before ten years ago (sigh..) but it was too cumbersome. I mainly use my home computer for the internet, photos and home admin. No gaming or anything like that.

From what I've found so far it seems Ubuntu would be the best flavour for me. I'd also like to check some other things:

1) I use 'Sandboxie' to run my web browsers in a sand pit. Is something equivalent available for Linux?
2) Is there an equivalent of 'FileHippo' to notify you of updates to installed programs?
3) Is there an equivalent of 'SpyBot' for removing spyware?
4) Is there such a thing as a Remote Desktop client for Linux?
5) I'm also interested in hard drive encryption and having dual-boot (the other being Windows) capability. Is there any conflict between these?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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