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May 18, 2009

Dual Booting help

I'm going to be honest... I'm a COMPLETE noob when it comes to dual booting and such. So, bear with me, if I frustrate you in anyway.

Ok, my problem is that when i try to get Debian installed it wants to just gobble all my hard drive space. Now, I'm running a 160gb hdd with 2 partitions one that's 9.81gb and another that is 139gb ( Don't ask where the other space is, I have no clue ). Now on the 139 partition I have around 41gb left over, this is main partition that Vista is running everything from, where I keep all my media and such. The other partition is a recovery for Vista, personally I don't care what happens to this one, I HATE Vista, and am looking to get rid of it but as of now, I can't because I don't have a boot disk for XP. Now is there some way I can partition about 35gb of the man partition and then just wipe the 2nd and use it also? If not then ill just use part of the main partition and go from there. Any help is appreciated greatly.

I won't be able to reply tonight and most of tomorrow because of school and my social life, but once I get back on I'll drop by here to talk again. THank you again for any help you can offer me.

First Edit : Also is there anyway I can access my media FROM Debian into the other partition that Vista runs from? I have over 50gb of music that I am not willing to have on my hdd twice just to use it.

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