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December 6, 2009

EXPERT To Answer - The Best of Linux (and Windows)

Hi, I have the following situation and proposed solution:


I have a notebook computer. The manufacturer ships the hardware with a Windows OS (either XP Pro, Vista or Windows 7). They provide support only for a Windows OS.

Also, I am not sure how fuss-free it is to use any Linux distro on this notebook hardware, whether due to switchable graphics, device drivers, or trackball / trackpoint / trackpad issues/complications.

Also, I have software such as MS Office 2007 and Adobe Acrobat which is meant for installation on Windows OS.

But, a Windows OS is vulnerable to virus/spy-ware/mal-ware/trojans/worms and other malicious code. (Is this true for Windows 7 too? I am presuming so). Also, the Windows registry degrades and corrupts over time, and coupled with the need for strong anti-virus software, would mean that the performance I get will deteriorate rapidly.


Therefore, to get the best of Linux (and Windows), I propose the following solution:

(1) have the Windows OS run as the base/host OS on the notebook hardware. So I don't have to deal with device drivers and other hardware issues, including support from manufacturer.

(2) Install virtualization software. (Not sure if Windows Virtual PC is good enough? Which is the best virtual machine software? (Classify into free and non-free virtualization software))

(3) Install a Linux distro within this virtual environment. (Which is the best Linux distro for installation within a virtual environment? Does Windows Virtual PC support such Linux guest OS installation? If no, which virtualization software should I use to be able to install a Linux guest OS)

(4) Work within the Windows OS ONLY when using MS Office 2007 or Adobe Acrobat (since they have to be installed in a Windows OS environment)

(5) ALWAYS work within the Linux OS when connecting to the Internet.

(6) Work within the Linux OS for other purposes.


(A) Because I ONLY connect to the Internet from within the virtual environment running the Linux OS distro, does it mean that any malicious code/software (virus/malware/spyware/trojan/worm) coming from the Internet WILL NOT GET TO THE HOST/BASE Windows OS?

That is - is it the case that ALL malicious stuff will be contained within/repelled by the Linux environment, and therefore I will be safe?? =) ==))

(B) Will my Windows OS Registry still degrade, given that I am only using the Windows OS minimally for either Office 2007 or Adobe Acrobat only (Everything else is within the virtual Linux OS)?

=) ==)

You should get the drift of my query from the above. So you can post any other comments relating to getting the best out of the situation I have!!

Thank you!!!!!!

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