March 11, 2013

First time use of linux on laptop without OS


I am a windows user for all my life now and just bought a lenovo thinkpad x230 without any OS pre-installed. I´m curious for linux and would like to try it.

I have some questions:
the thinkpad comes with intel core i5, 500GB ROM and 2x 4GB RAM. So i think i can use 64 bit versions of OS. I would like to use windows and linux.
Do i create partitions and what size before installing any OS (i plan to install windows 7 pro and maybe for starters ubuntu)? Or is it best to install e.g. linux beforehand and run windows from there in a virtual box?
I haven´t tried any of these options - please tell me about pro´s and con´s and how it would work in practice..

2) there is literally nothing pre-installed - even BOOTMGR-which is apparently necessary for installing an image isn´t installed. How can i install a linux version best, then?!

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