September 8, 2014

French beginner, old pc and wifi

Hello !! help

I have a sony vaio pcg807k, 40 go, 256 ram and Pentium III 650 mhz.
I had a xubuntu 9.10 very old...and impossible to have internet...

I tryed to install bodhy, slitaz etc but each time there is a problem I didn't understand..
I try on forum in france to have information for a real real beginner and I don't find something easy and "stable".

Which distro light ? Slitaz bodhi, puppy ????
Who recognize easily usb for wifi ( no ethernet) on this computer and IDE hard disk

Bodhi seems to not recognize ide hard disk...
Elive ...I don't know
Slitaz ? why not

I put my pc to professionnal but it's very hard for us to make this computer run with wifi or / and recognize hard disk

Help please !!!

Big thanks by advance !!!


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