August 15, 2009

Getting everything sorted before installing Linux

I'm wanting to install Linux Mint as I hear that this is the easiest to use. I mainly use the computer for the internet, downloading and playing film and music. The main thing I'm looking for in a distro is just to be able to switch on the computer and for the operating system to do everything for you.

I was told that its best to use gparted to partition the hard drive. Is this the best way to go about it?

also the situation is that I need to reinstall vista as for some random reason its stopped updating. Is it best to do this before I start putting in a new partition? I'd prefer not to loose all my programs so just wondering if its possible to create a backup with the current situation.

Finally how would I go about downloading mint? Is it the case that I download it to a CD. I looked on the mint site, but I got the impression that it downloads direct to your hard drive.

Hope this isn't to many questions, its just this stuff really makes my head spin.

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