April 12, 2011

Getting my foot in the door

I am currently enrolled in a Linux/Unix Network Administration Associate degree program. Being a single father, and because of finances, an Associates degree is the best that I can do right now. I figure it is better than nothing.

My instructors are telling me that I need to learn Windows Network Administration first. Supposedly, as "they" say, I will not be employable with only Linux/Unix skills. I was told that to work in the Atlanta market Windows networking is indispensable. Now, is this true?

Also, I am learning shell scripting and Python. I am a beginner with both. However, I live, eat, and breath this stuff. I am making progress.

I do not solely depend upon my school work to learn. I try to read books, man pages, and the like in order to further my knowledge. Can anyone give me some advice on what else I can learn to make myself more "employable?"

My problem is that I have become so enamored by Linux that I have dropped Windows and went strictly to the other side of the fence. Again, my instructors warn me against this. However, I am just doing what is of interest to me and following my passions. A year ago I was working in the landscaping industry. never once did I dream that I would be back in school, using Linux, learning about a language named after a snake, or, for that matter, even know what a kernel was.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Remember, though, I am a single dad working with limited and depleting resources.

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