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February 21, 2011

Getting started in more uncommon way

(Tried to read n search as much as possible before opening this new topic, so hopefully not too many repetitions and won't give mods and admins too much work).

New to Linux. Very new. Why? after all never learned any programming nor was a huge genius in IT. Rather laziness I must admit now, yet still - no impressive background. I see computer rather as a simple tool - o.k., maybe more sophisticated, than a hammer, yet still a tool. Since Windows systems are... well... to put it least offensive way - making my life more difficult and turn basically any computer rather into an obstacle, than a tool - I got motivated. To spend some time, move my lazy ***, learn, do some work and make it work better. Again: since 'm new, don't have a clue about most of them things and would appreciate very much some advice. All major issues, I will try to sum 'em up below.

1) NOT interested in a ready version with all in it. Don't need a million programs, desktops, colorful features and what-have-yous. I would like to download a possibly stable, minimalistic (light) kernel and than develop it custom, according to my needs. Hence:
a) Which kernel would be best, in Your opinion?
b) Where it's best to seek for programs to incorporate later on?
c) Where is the best source of commands (library perhaps?), from which I could learn and practice?
d) Best source of drivers?

2) Getting transferred. Is there any program, which could help me with choosing a system to boot (still need to keep my ekhmmm... Win...ekhe-ekhe until the OS is ready and alive.

3) Programs, operating common file formats, such as .doc and others, which seem to be very much in line with Microsoft products. Hope it's not difficult to find appropriate ones?

Enough for now.
Cheers for all help and advice,


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