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May 14, 2009

hdd partition for dual boot


I am about to attempt my first install of linux.

I have read differing opinions on the best partition software, but (possibly out of ignorance) I seem to find a greater concensus that gparted will be the least likely to lunch my existing XP installation.

I will, of course, backup before I begin.

I have an 80g drive...the new XP installation lives on 50g formatted ntfs (of course) leaving me about 25g for my install. I would like to reclaim at least 10g as I have revised my original estimate of what I would need for linux. I think this reclamation is what is considered a little risky.

Sound right? Any advice before i begin????

Assuming this is successful (it will be...even if I have to reinstall XP on a smaller partition); the next step is the following partition plan for the 35g...

sda1 - / (root) - 5g - ext3
sda2 - /var - 5g - ReiserFS
sda3 - /home - 20g - ext3
sda4 - /extended partition
sda5 - swap - 5g - ext3 (logical)

Sound right? Anyone?

I want to be sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot before I begin.

THanks in advance for all responses


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