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October 27, 2014


OK - maybe that was over the top a bit - but right before moving in June, i took my older Toshiba Satellite A35-S159 to my 'puter tech, and had him dump the windows OS and install the Linux/Ubuntu (it is the 10-10) OS -

it boots like a rocket compared to that junked-up windows unit, but i am still on a STEEP learning curve here . . .

for the record, i am functionally illiterate in the way of the 'puter, and need the simplest instructions possible to get thru this . . . i have take some very basic classes on 'puter ops, but none dealing with actual system applications or operations

it took a bit of time to figger out the way to get it to talk to the internet, and when i got that done, it now keeps telling me to upgrade to the latest iteration (12-something?) and pops up with the following each time it boots:
OAFIID:GNOME_ClockApplet - - - IndicatorApplet - - - FastUserApplet "fails" and asks me whether or not it wants me to DELETE or DON'T DELETE . . .

also - is there a recommended antivirus or system protector (like DEFENDER, etc.) which i should apply to this unit?

HOW (please!!!) do i convince this crazy thing to UPGRADE and how do i get it to the place where i can use it to full effectiveness - - - also, if there is anyone in western oklahoma who knows how to use this system or works on it, i would appreciate that info as well - in addition, i wold welcome anyone with the tech ability to remotely access this unit and see what they can find about it and maybe tweak it a bit.

i only use it for writing and surfing - no business activity

thanks for your replies

ps - if you want to talk about this, or live chat, let me know

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