March 27, 2012

Help Cent0S 6.2

Hello All

Need some serious help today. I am a semi-newbie if there is such a thing for the last five months or so I have been using Cent0S 6.2 to get my feet wet and understand the basic Red Hat format and I am loving it so far. I recently re-installed my computer having two partitions on one hard drive. The First one for Windows 7 and the second one for CentOS. SO I i defragged the hard drive twice and shrink the hard drive by 50 GB(my usually size I partition the Linux drives for). I put the Cent OS disk in and reboot. I do the install as normal. Everything is going smoothly and it installs; well I think it is. I get to the last window were it says to close the window to reboot and it goes to a black screen with only the mouse pointer nothing else. So I take the disk out and reboot again and it goes straight to Windows not even mentioning a duel boot. So I re-size and try several times more with the same results. Even tried VM Virtual box, but it wants the disk in every time and I want to be able to use CentOS on a daily basis and to be able to play and say on the partition. Anyone have any clue why I can't install on the partition and every time I try it says the same size of it before I even installed the size of the hard drive is the same as it is after I installed the OS . Any Ideas would help a lot. Thanks...Dale

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