August 12, 2012

help with dell docking station

Hi all,
I have a dell d630 latitude laptop and a pr01x docking station. I wanted to dual boot windows and linux so i dl linux mint 13 i did a fresh install of windows leaving space on the hd for linux. I installed linux and now i am able to boot to windows 7 or linux. My problem is now when i try to dock the laptop linux will not reconize the 2 external monitors plugged to the docking station. I want the dual monitors. If I can't get them to work I will kill linux and just use windows. I can see the grub menu when i start but after that nothing and i have to open the laptop lid to see linux. windows 7 sees the dock fine and everything works. in linux everything but the displays work. I get sound and the mouse, keyboard and network all work but no monitors. the laptop has an intel video card. I would like to dual boot but if i can't get this combo to work I will do a vm.

Thanks for any help !!

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