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November 27, 2013

Help installing SMART Notebook 11

I just recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop. I'm planning on learning the ins and outs but I currently know next to nothing. My girlfriend has a program called SMART Notebook that she uses when she student teaches. I want to get this program to install and work for her by next week if I can, but the installation seems above me for now. The program can be downloaded here, but needs info from the user. You can make it up which is what I did.


They have two versions that I can download, the RPM packages and the Debian packages. I have downloaded both not knowing which one to use. For this post I have tried looking at the RPM packages. I went to a website explaining how to install tarball files but couldn't get any further than the command sudo apt-file update. It updates everything on here and the next part tells me to do a ./configure command but does nothing. I read the readme file and it says there is other stuff I need to get but I don't know how to get it using the terminal or otherwise. I have uploaded the readme file so you can see the other requirements. Any help is appreciated.

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