June 22, 2014

Help with Linux Zorin OS 8.1 Core, 64 bit.

I am trying to get Zorin to boot from the DVD. I have downloaded the 64 bit version. From two different sites. One I thought I burned to a DVD. As well as the other download. Neither of them would boot. So I downloaded one more time from Linux. I made two more copies and again neither DVD will boot. Once I get to the F12 boot window. I go to the DVD line and hit enter. The screen goes black, and then loads windows 7.

I am trying to open as many of the Distro's that I can, on Live CD. To check them out. I intend to install one at least on a separated stand alone hard drive. And not using the C drive. As this computer allows one to plug in two additional hard drives. I have gotten Mint to boot after trying a few times, as it did the same thing when I first tried to boot it.

Can anybody direct me in obtaining a good download. Downloading it and burning it to a CD. And having it boot properly. Thanks you.

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