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July 11, 2011

How Open Source works? - What is Open Source?


Here is my brief video about "How Open-Source Works, and a basic question What is Open-Source".

YouTube Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZSwzkYLd1o

In this video I explain the overview and the overall big picture of Open-Source, I hope it may help many who are willing to contribute open-source, and even who knows people may get inspired to start new open-source projects, and people who are contributing Linux and Linux based open-source projects.

I have given various examples in this video, also given a prime example of Linux Kernel itself. As you can understand unlike many other open-source projects (assume, MySQL, Squid, etc), Linux Kernel releases are a bundle of many open-source kernel modules, device drivers supported by third-party vendors, individuals, contributors, PLUS Linux Kernel source with it.

Hence you can get over-view and a basic insight of open-source licensing, and terms.
For example (general open-source licenses like GPL variants, BSD, MIT, and so on, even dual licensing, etc).
- freedom to use
- AS-IS factor
- freedom to use, commercial use, redistribution terms
- and so on are explained.

Along with that, I had also explained some challenges, in open-source development, and so on.

Kindly do let know your reviews, opinions, and comments ( I try to monitor this thread/post, and possibly try to address your valuable opinions/views and comments).

Thank you, :)
Cheers, Kiran
(Author/Founder: Traffic Squeezer - Linux Kernel WAN Optimization Solution)

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