December 28, 2013

I am Confused.. Experts please help


I am a owner of one cyber cafe. I was using Windows OS on all machines in my cafe as almost all my customers are used to Windows. But due to the Licencing issue I want to shift to Linux. But I am very confuse in which distro I should use.

I request you to guide me to take right decision.

I want an OS on which customers should feel comfortable. (As all of them are Windows user)
-Popular windows games like.. Counter strike, GTA Vice City, San Andreas should run…
-Many of government or organizational, Institutional sites works only on Internet Explorer 7 or onward.. so the distro should be able to install at least IE7.

Regarding the System configuration:
I have all AMD Athlon ll Processor x2
RAM is 2 GB
Hard drive is 160 GB

Please help me..

Thanks in advance.

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