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December 7, 2011

i dont like linux please help

I purchesed my laptop used about 5 months ago and it had linux on it. Sence then i have tryed to copy cds to my music files upload pictures from a camara install games from disk and all kinds of other things. The only thing i can do is get on the internet and thats it oh and play the games already installed. From what i can figure it has Ubuntu 11.10 and i dont like it. I would like to know if there is any way i can check if windows is still on here or if they totaly obliterated it from the hd and if they did not how can i remove linux and only use windows. If anyone can help because i am about to throw $200 in the trash. My laptop is a dell latitude d620 and if it is not compatitable with a dell you might want to post it to your download page because the company that put it on here really screwed me. Oh just so you know thae company i bought my laptop from is Unclaimed Baggage and they install linux on all the computers that they find in lost or left luggage and then resell them as top quality computers with a better os than windows and i dont think that they are right. So if you can please help

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