May 14, 2009

I have no idea what Subject means in this context

I'm glad I could draw your attention to this thread. looks really nice and I can't wait to dive into what it offers (got a recommendation kind of at

There are a lot of weird things I noticed while registering and writing this message.

1. There is no feedback forum (that's why I write it here)

2. You require me to enter my name, write a "about me" and reveal my profession. why?

3. You require me to choose from different "account types" without telling me what consequences this will have

4. You imply that I have a favorite distribution which makes me think I'm signing up to a flamewar army. I want the "none" option and it should be auto-selected.

5. This message I'm writing has a "Name" and a "Subject" - pretty confusing.

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