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April 9, 2013

I would like to start using Linux

I am a newbie to Linux and would like to learn more about this OS. I have been a Micro$oft user since Windows 3.1 and I now have the new Micro$oft POS Windows 8, I hate it with a mad passion. Since Micro$oft no longer accepts e-mail from customers I finally want to try Linux. I have a few questions though.

1. I have thousands of Windows software. 3rd party, Freeware, Shareware and even paid programs. I would like to know which and how many Windows programs can be used with Linux. For a browser I much prefer SlimBrowser by FlashPeak and for my mail I have and prefer Incredimail for my mail and for a WP I much prefer the Lotus Word Pro.

2. I did download Ubuntu 11.04 and put it on a CD, never installed it though. I would like to know which version of Linux (I know there are several) and the version number that would be the best for me.

3. Do I need to or should I reformat my primary drive? I DO want to make this change, but at my age (70) I would rather not have a prolonged installation procedure. I am not a computer newbie, I was a computer technician for 10 years before I HAD to retire. Got into a motorcycle accident, brain got scrambled, now in a power wheelchair.

I am convinced the W8 is a destructive OS. I previously had W7 Ultimate SP1 installed and had a number of external drives installed. I had 6 HDDs, 1 Zip 750, and a brand new 3 1/2" drive (I have a lot of 3 1/2" disks)and an Orb drive. ALL of them worked fine until W8, then 4 of the HDDs quit, the Zip 750, the 3 1/2" drive and the Orb drive also quit. Along with these the Bluray CD/DVD R/RW also quit working although the LightScribe is still working.

Your advise will go far my making a decision of what to install and use. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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