October 29, 2011

I'm considering taking the plunge...

...into the Linux world. I've been a Mac user for 20 years, and it still meets most of my needs, but I may be taking on a development project that might be more suitable for Linux. I imagine that I probably could find a way to run Linux on my Mac, but I'd rather keep that system separate, so I'm contemplating the purchase of a new system.

But...I am TOTALLY new to the world of PCs. I'd like any advice on choosing a system, and then choosing a flavor of Linux to run on it. My system doesn't need to be a fire-breather, and I don't think I'll have any unusual needs of it. I would like it to be compact and quiet, though, so I've been looking at components on silentpcreview.com.

But, I thought I'd ask here what people think might be a good "starter system" and flavor of Linux. Ease of installation would be appreciated.

Thanks for any input.

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