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November 13, 2010

I'm a noobie & not sure where to start

Hello Linux World!

I am finally fed up with Windows locking up and crashing on me. My desktop PC is now a "spare" that I can play with and see what Linux has to offer.

I guess you can say I'm your average computer user. I can easily learn applications, but how they work behind the scenes is is beyond me.

Apps I typically use are Quicken & MS Office. My home computer usage is for tracking finances (Quicken), checking e-mail (Outlook) and using the web (Explorer). I create flyers and newsletters for a club I'm involved in and use MS Publisher. The flyers and newsletters then get convertered to PDF files so I can e-mail to our membership. I also use iTunes.

My husband uses the computer a lot more than me. He surfs the net, listens to music & watches videos. He loves video games and recently quit playing WOW because the new version would not work on our computer - I'm guessing it might be a windows thing. He also has a lot of older PC games on cd's.

Now the fun part. I know there are lots of Linux operating systems out there and I've read that I need to try each one and see what we like best. Would Linux Jazz be a good thing to start with?

My first (of many) question is, if I load a Linux system onto my HP computer (wiping out Windows), does the Linux OS have all the drivers for the USB, CD, Printers, etc that are on my computer? Or do I need to then find the drivers and load them?

I'm also guessing that my Quicken application will not work since it is for Windows, right?

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