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January 2, 2015

I've decided to switch to Linux!! Which distribution should i choose?

So I'll start with saying that my laptop is a Macbook Pro 5, 1 (late 2008) and I really want to switch over to Linux. I've been toying with this plan for a few months off and on, but until recently didn't get very far, but in the last week or so, I came back to the idea again, and really started working at it. I finally figured out how to convert the .iso file, and burn it to USB, and so i have been trying to get Ubuntu working ever since. I did get it installed, but it would only boot in recovery mode, and then there was no launcher or menu bar, oh yeah and the wifi didn't work and the video card was an issue as well... I've spent most of my time the last day or two trying to work out those kinks, with not much progress. although i have learned at least a limited knowledge of using the command line! anyways, so I re-wiped my drive, and partitioned it with a small OS X yosemite drive, which i was told was good to keep, for hardware updates.

So anyways, my question; what distribution would you guys and gals suggest for me, to be as pain-free as possible to install/boot and if you had any other suggestions on the matter of things i should/need to know as a new Linux user.

thanks in advance everyone,


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