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December 6, 2012

Just installed SUSE 12.2

After a long time of thinking and rethinking, I finally did it. I installed SUSE and I removed Windows for good.

First thoughts:
It`s slightly complicated to move from Windows to SUSE. I am not talking about the installation process. I am talking once you have your desktop installed. I made the mistake at the start to remove that bar on the bottom which can help you locate which program you want to go to so I had to use alt+tab.

For some reason, it seems that the desktop is changing. I still dont understand what that is. And then it`s hard to move to the other desktop I was before. For example I play music right now. I might minimize everything and then it switches place and I cannot move to the music player using alt+tab.

Also the reason why I wasnt sure about moving to linux is about the cpu power management that WIndows 7 is having, making you able to easily control how much of your cpu you should use. (I had big problems with overheating)... but finally after few hours , I realize how to install a package and how to barely use it. And that`s what I did with cpufreq and cpupower.

Another issue that I have is that when I use Firefox to run a browser based game (good game empire) it`s very slow. But it seems to be better when I use another browser.

hmm that`s it for now.

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