July 9, 2009

Linux-believer in need of help

Hello All,

Here are the facts:

1. I have an IBM Thinkpad 600x laptop. Technical specs are Intel chip 500 MHz and 137 MB RAM.

2. Windows 2000 was recently erased from the computer. The computer has no operating system now.

3. I can not boot from CD-ROM ( unless it is a Windows Install CD ). Although, I can boot from diskette drive.


I am looking to install a Linux-based OS on this IBM Thinkpad 600x. Currently, the computer has no operating system. Also, the CD-ROM will only boot Windows Install CDs. I have tried to boot other CDs which had ISO images of Ubuntu and Open Solaris but neither would boot up. Right now I know that the computer will turn on and I can access MS-DOS thru an old Windows boot disk.

Which Linux-based OS would you recommend for this computer?

Which OS systems can still boot from boot diskettes?

If so, where would I obtain copies of these boot diskettes?


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