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August 21, 2009

Linux on iBook G3 having problems

I am a lifetime apple user. And current OS X user. I've never done any terminal stuff or anything like that.

Originally I was gonna instal Kubutnu on this iBook G3 I have. But it only has 128mb RAM. So, I went with xubutnu. But, I got stuck during the install process.

I then learned I might have better luck with debian. I got a little farther. I got just past the point where it was wanting my network information. The ibook has a wireless card, and I have a wireless network. But, I read that for the webinstall of debian you have to have an ethernet internet connection. I am achieving this by sharing the internet from my iMac via ethernet.

But, during the install, it recognized my airport card. Don't know if I could install using that.

So, the installer wants me to type in a host name and then a suffix like .org or something like that. so i just hit 'return' on each option.

The installer continues to "setting up DHCP" or whatever. And now I'm at a screen that says "Loading additional components" and it is stuck at 0% "retrieving lvm2-udeb"

I really want to try linux out. Would be open to any help installing debian, ubutnu or anything at this point.


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