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July 11, 2011

Linux Music System

Hello all, I'm new to Linux, have some mild Ubuntu experience, but in no way an expert. I am looking to build a system to play hosted music through on my stereo system. Essentially, I want to build a computer that will play music stored either on its drive or a network drive into my stereo system. I would like it to have a dedicated front end and be able to be remote controlled. In the best scenario, I would like to control it with a remote control app over Wi-fi from my BlackBerry.

I am wondering if there is anybody who has done such things, and/or if anyone has suggestions on how to achieve this. The OS will need to be fairly light as I have a small budget and will be recycling some older systems together to do this.

I have been looking at MythTV and Mythbuntu as solutions, but i have no need or desire for any of the video aspects of the system, it will be purely audio. Are there any better suited programs available?

Thank you for your input.

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