April 11, 2010

Is Linux Right For Me?

I hate windows, hate hate hate, and that alone is probably reason enough to switch, but I am worried about things with linux..... Mainly I use my comp for school, downloading content via piratebay/isohunt, light gaming (have an xbox 360), media (HDMI to TV), you know, the normal stuff, here are a few questions I have....

How easy is it to switch?
Will I still be able to do those things I have listed?
What distro is good for me?
I have heard linux isn't very pretty (doesn't matter too much, just wondering) but how bad is it?
Any key advice for a new user?

I really want to make the switch, but I use my computer constantly and can't afford too much downtime, I am fairly good with a computer, just do not do any programming stuff,

Thanks for any help and I really appreciate it,


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