May 13, 2011

Linux woes

I'll give you a little bit of background on me first before I go into the problems I have been having with linux.

Approximately a year ago I got on a very short lived linux trip. I downloaded a few distros and played around for approximately a day on each one. I then realized how much I needed (at the time) a windows OS so I could game as wine just wasn't cutting it.

Fast forward to today. I have pretty much giving up gaming. I checked and the game that I will be playing is supported by wine. Since I never really got into how linux operated I decided to try out, from what I understand, the most popular distro of linux, Ubuntu. I got the latest version, 11.04. Burnt my disc installed everything and was feeling pretty good. Then I go to install the drivers for my vidio card. Restart like it said to do. My computer froze at a black screen. Restart the computer thinking it might be an easy fix and it does the same thing. So I pull out my phone and google about a black screen in 11.04, seems like quite a few others are having the same issue.

I then decide to get Ubuntu 10.10 and see how that works. I install it. Get all of the updates going and got the drivers installed for my video card. I restart like it tells me to. When I finally get back into the OS I find out that I have no internet connection. What? No internet connection? I am on a wired connection and I just had internet connection prior to installing all of the updates. What gives?

I am not ready to give up on linux yet. Should I look into another distro that might not have so many problems. Remember I am a complete linux noob. All I want is a good OS that I can install wine on and play some StarCraft 2, surf the internet, watch some movies and transfer songs to a ipod.


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