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November 25, 2014

Looking for a distro... (Arch like - Distrohopper)


I'm not really a linux beginner but I'm looking for a distro and I though here would be a good place to start :)

Warning: This post is longer that I intended it to be, and since my head is kind of confused, this post may be hard to follow hehe.

Let's start by the distro I tried so far:

- Linux Mint (slow, but nice)
- Ubuntu (too main stream, incorporated, blahblah)
- Debian (amazing)
- CentOS (... not sure what it is)
- Arch Linux (nice but breaks all the time)
- Atergos (slow but it is arch, premade)
- Chakra OS (didnt try it for long, maybe I'll give it more time)
- KaOS (wierd)
- Mageia (kind of cool, but looks like baby-ubuntu)
- OpenSUSE (weird)
- Maybe I forgot some of them

The point is, none of them really "fit" what I'm looking for, or maybe I didn't look at the right place.

What I would like:

I'm looking for a distro which come with nothing (Like Arch Linux) but doesn't break every time you do an update (like Arch Linux haha). I do like Arch because it is fully customisable but I always need to look which version of which package is compatible with which other package to make sure my computer will boot the next time I come back from work.

I would like to install what I need, when I need it and be able to update without the arch headache.

I came across Slackware but I would need to compile every package and every time there's an update about a core package or just an app, I would need to check the dependencies, compile those dependencies, then compile the main app and I think it might get time consuming pretty fast.

None of the distribution above have anything in particular, some of them claim to only focus on Qt apps and KDE, but I don't see anything special, no mod (maybe I'm not looking in the right place?). It would be better to just say, ok install basic libs and then ok install kde, install this specific kde mod, install this specific package and that's it, it would be the same thing, but faster (no bloats).

What I would like (In a few words):
- Freedom
- Customizable (in term of packages)
- Fast and reliable
- Kind of up to date (not like 10 versions behind for a package)
- Security and stability

I don't want to start a debate or the WW3 here, just what you guys think, was you use and what is kind of easy and would allow me some kind of freedom about what I do want and what is bloat. :) It's been two years now that I'm micro$crap-free and I've been switching linux distro since then, I would like to settle and keep the same one (I'm tired of reinstalling and reconfiguring everything every time :)


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