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March 12, 2013

Media playing desktop.

Hey guys, I'm sure these threads have been created many times. So, sorry:P
I've got a modern, but older Acer desktop. I would like to boot a distro primarily for running my large music collection. Something with eye candy would be cool since i won't be doing much multi-tasking on it. But ideally i want the distro to be lightweight. I generally prefer KDE.
Currently running Opensuse12.2 on my laptop. i could just boot it onto the desktop as i do love this distro. But after having tried Ubuntu, Zorin, and Fedora i'd love to keep exploring the wonders! I'm not an advanced Linux user by any means, I get by with some googling and forums, but i'm learning! So i don't necessarily want a blank slate distro.

so all in all. media player.
Also i will be putting a 7.1 Soundblaster Live! card into a PCI slot, so hopefully the fresh distro won't give me too much trouble with that, I'll have to check if it's 32 or 64 bit card, i'm not sure if that will cause issues

Thanks! Spencer.

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