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February 17, 2010

Microsoft and individual rights.



I have read these articles. They make a lot of sense to me and showed them to my friend. His reaction was a little indignant.

He points out that you can record shows already for Windows 7 and that you can do this right out the box. If a network tells Microsoft to not allow viewing then that is fine and that there are other ways to watch shows that would be otherwise be blocked.

He says that there are classes out there for certification with programming and that Microsoft pulling a monopoly on schools is a non issue.

What boils down to it is this: Things aren't that bad as these websites are making it out to be. There are other nations that are much worse than we have it. We should not worry about it now because in the event that things should turn out bad, there will always be a resistance that will balance out how things are.

He continues (Not a direct quotation): Don't get me wrong. I'm all for consumer rights and the rights of the individual but Microsoft has to protect their assets and that it so happens that things like Windows Genuine Advantage is negatively affecting it's users. There are far worse things going on besides what Microsoft is doing.

I'm confused and I would like more opinions. Those for and against Microsft, why Linux is making a positive impact on people's rights or no impact at all, and other things that might branch out from these discussions.

I have never used any version of Linux before and I would like start now because in light of what I read about Microsoft I just cannot pretend that what is happening now cannot be a trend to what could happen in the future. On a positive note, I am glad my friend feels this way because I get to see both sides of an argument instead of it being one-sided. By the way, he uses Ubuntu and Fedora but now uses Microsoft 7 as his 'main'.

Thank you for your input.

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