May 27, 2010

mp3, disk utility, second hdd, wanda

are there any effective ways to get Rythmbox to like mp3 or to convert and mp3 file into something that it does like? i got my hands on a second hdd for free (it's a cute 75Gb and i'm running a disk utility on it to make sure it's ok. i would like to know the best way to install another hard drive and have fedora realize that it's there and possibly use it for space. i am assuming that the Self Test option under the disk utility does at least a half way decent job. When i try to run the self test on my main hard drive it states "FAILED (Read)" and the only thing that is red is a warning for Current Pending Sector Count. So would that tell you that you have to do a checkdisk and defrag kind of thing? and last but not least, wth is wanda? all she has said to me is just jibberish. thanks for your time guys.

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