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November 12, 2011

Multiple Distro Installation

I have tried "live" versions of both Mint 11.4 and Ubuntu 11.10 and really like both of them. Although Mint is based on Ubuntu, it appears to have a few differences and, on balance I think that's what I'll end up with.

Then I tried each of them by installing "within" Windows 7 - no problem as long as I uninstalled the other Distro first. If I try to install Ubuntu alongside Mint "within" Win7 Ubuntu insists I have to remove Mint. Will Mint allow me to keep Ubuntu?

I can install Ubuntu in its own drive (I have 4 empty drives to choose from!) and tell it to put Grub on my Windows drive but when I tried to then do the same with Mint I wasn't given that option and things got a little hairy!

Would the safest way be to give each OS its own drive and use my motherboard BIOS to switch between them? As I have to reboot anyway in order to switch it really would be no big deal - all I need to do is remember which drive has which OS!

Any advice would be appreciated.

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