March 11, 2010

Need help choosing a distro

I am not new to computers and windows, but I am new to Linux. I am planning on starting a non-profit within this year. What my organization will do is not important for this post, but if you are interested go to our website

Obviously given the economic climate most people think I'm nuts for wanting to start a non-profit at this time, but I never did say I was sane. I have been told by several people in government and other organizations that when I start this it will probably get big fast. With that said my reason for this post is pure economics. I have several computers P3 and up that I will use when I start the organization.

I have tested a couple of distros in Virtualbox and have found that Ubuntu was by far the easiest to get up and running. It was the easiest for accessing shared windows printers and folders, however I do not like the fact that any user can install, remove programs, and install or remove hardware. I know that this next question is very subjective but I will ask anyway.

Can anyone recommend a Linux distro that is simple to install, and simple for people familiar with windows to use? Is very simple to configure to access windows shares. A distro that I will not have to constantly maintain and monitor, but one that requires root control to change anything.

Any input will be very appreciated.


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