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October 19, 2009

Need help choosing Linux distro

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to try out Linux for a while now, but alot of things have been stopping me. And since im about to uninstall my Windows XP and get Windows 7 I finally decided to get myself together and try out one of the Linux distros.
The most crucial thing that stopped me from installing Linux before was that it has alot of distros to choose from and I dont know which one to choose and I didnt want to waist time trying all of them out. So here I am asking you guys to help me choose :laugh:

P.S. Ive never seen Linux in my life... always worked with Windows..
Oh there is one more thing that bugs me... Im afraid that if im gonna run Linux I wont be able to use programs I used on Windows or play games like Lineage 2, Wow, CS, or the new Aion MMORPG... or will meet incompatible file formats... well u understand where im comming from...

Another P.S. I have read the thread "Choosing a distro: Pros and Cons from real users" it didnt help much im not familiar what GNOME or LAMP is soo.. dont bother attaching a link :P

Thanks in advance, if you need more detail ill gladly answer any question :)

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