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January 29, 2016

New to Linux and Having Trouble Getting Started

I have recently decided to move to Linux and have no experience whatsoever with the software. I have downloaded Mint 17.3 Cinnamon and am having an issue when I go to restart after the installation. Once I restart the machine asks me to remove the disc i used to load mint with and the machine restarts, but doesn't boot/ load. it just sits there black screen cursor blinking at the top left. So i have tried reinstalling three time with the disc and get the same result. Also, once I have completed the install and not yet restarted. If I open Firefox to look through forums, like i am for this post, if i take the disc out of the drive and attempt to go to another web page Firefox crashes and says it must reload. Only when the installation disc is in the drive can i operate the system with no issues.

I also encountered a scenario where the computer was stuck on a black screen with the Linux Mint logo in the center and a lock icon with a text box. I assumed this was because i had setup a passkey when installing, but when i attempt to input my passkey/ password nothing appears in the box.

Any thoughts???

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