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November 11, 2010

New to Linux and Servers, need advice

Hey, i'm brand new to Linux and Servers both. I'm pretty good with home based PCs, but recently got a job that requires new learning, and i'm all about that. I've used Ubuntu very briefly in the past, but don't know much about it beyond basic use. I work for a small company that refurbishes used computers. We fix them and load Windows or whatever OS we have the license for. At the moment, we are loading from an old Win 2K P3 Server that has the images stored for certain models that we deal with.

We need to upgrade! Problem is, the people that set up our current configuration are all gone, and no one has a clue. and neither do I.

I was planning on loading a newer, faster server with Ubuntu and use G4L to clone the HDDs in the machines. Is this the best distro for that? Is it easy enough to do? And can i just boot G4L on the machines and use "Load from Network" with no issues?

I know these are basic "duh" questions, but as I said, i'm learning, but need a quick solution.


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