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January 30, 2011

New to Linux; Looking to use it on an older PC.

Ok, so I've always been interested in using a Linux OS, but up until now, I never had a PC that I could use to just play around with; something I could use to get my feet wet, so to speak. Well my parents recently got a new PC and rather than allowing them to throw it out, I opted to inherit it. Since the issues that prompted them to get a new PC stemmed from a few nasty viruses, I'm just going to wipe the hard drive.

Now here's the problem. The computer is from 2000...I'm talking pre-Win2k 2000; the system was actually one of the few that came packaged with Win ME. Now we had upgraded to XP, but since the computer has a 1ghz Pentium III, combined with the fact that the XP was the Upgrade version, it performed...less than great.

So basically, since I have no real need to get the system online (the cheap Dynex USB wireless adapter doesn't have Win ME compatible drivers anyway), and the only real reason I wanted the system is so I can play my older PC games that don't work with Vista/7, I had planned on installing and running the system on just ME.

Then I remembered how much I wanted to try using a Linux OS when I was younger. Well I figured before I install ME, I should maybe find out if I can even find a Linux OS that I could actually install and use on my older PC.

Like I said before, it has a Pentium III 1ghz, has 512MB RAM (yes, this was upgraded; my father foolishly thought jacking up the RAM would somehow make it work faster), and if it's important, a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64.

Now if you haven't already deduced, I've had no experience with any Linux OS at all, so I don't know a.) What OS I should use being a beginner and b.) if there even is an OS I can use with such an old PC. I'd really love to get into Linux, so I'm pretty much open to whatever suggestions people may have.

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