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December 25, 2010

New Netbook w/ Linux

I've been considering getting a new netbook that has a Linux operating system. However, the sole purpose of me getting a netbook is so I can write, publish and download books on/from it. I'm a huge reader and I'm not loyal to just one bookstore; I thought a computer would be a great choice, rather than a nook or a Kindle to avoid DRM issues (they all have apps to download onto computers).
The problem is, Barnes and Noble has an app for a PC, but doesn't specify the operating system requirements, and Amazon has an app for Windows PC, but not one listed for Linux.

Now, I've been assured by they guy that's selling me the netbook that my harddrive from my old, Windows-based laptop would still be completely 100% accessible on the Linux-based netbook.

So coupla questions:

#1 Would B&N app work on this netbook?
#2 Would Amazons? Or can I somehow FORCE it to work?
#3 Is the salesperson above-board w/ his claim that all my Windows based programs and files would be accesible through the Linux netbook?

Plz keep in mind, I've only ever owned Windows OS before, though I used Macs entirely in college. I'm not particularly loyal to one OS or another, I just don't want to lose all the stuff I've collected; or give myself a headache trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.



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