June 12, 2011

New user, need help with basic file management

Well hello linux forum, I'm new around here and I'm slowly working my way through linux commands.
I started reading through a few basic linux tutorials and now have a few questions on how to do certain things with file management commands.
I'm working in the directory:/Desktop/Linux_practice/ using the cd command

1) Now my first question is: I have a text file in the directory /Linux_practice/dir1/ called file1, now the file contains basic text which I would have liked to use for many other files (as a template for instance), how do I use a cp command to make about 20 copies of this file within the same directory with changing file names as file1-file20.

2) My next question is how can I have certain data within files that would change between every file, for instance if I would want the first line of the text file to have the directory of the text file how would I be able to have it change when the file is moved to another directory such as /Linux_practice/dir2/.

3) Similarly how can I have a text file that would display the result of an ls command for a certain directory, for instance /Linux_practice/.

4) If I for instance wanted the file name of my text file to be the date it was created followed or preceded by the words report for instance: report 12/06/2011, how would I do this and how can I similarly have a line within the text that would show the date the file was created.

5) Finally including everything else I asked about, how can I make a small program or command that would automatically issue an ls report for a certain directory with the directory being in the first line of text and the date it was created in the second, with the text file name being report [date of creation].

6) Also how can I create a directory with mkdir that would create 10 directory files in /Linux_practice/ for instance with file names dir1-dir10 but rather than typing all dir file names I would like to know how to specify a range (1-10) and with a changing variable for the file name (dir[changing digit]).

Also this is practice for me as well so please when answering don't do everything for me, yes don't. Thank you :)

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