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December 24, 2010

Newbi to Linux, Help Please..

Hello, thanks for takeing the Time too Read this..


I am Compleatly New to Linux and have never used it ever.. I have been doing some Looking around online for a few Days now and Decided to settle on a Desktop Friendly Version of Linux.. Only Problem is I cant Decide wich one.. I have been looking at Linux Mint, and it dosent seem too Surport my Prossesor wich is a Core 2 Duo T6570..

I currently have a Lenovo G550 Win 7 Pro Laptop with a 500GB HDD and would like too do a Multi Install of Win 7 and mabie one or Two Linux Distros..

I have been Looking around the Net and found this Link to a Comprihensive List of Commands with in Linux:


Will I need to Learn this if Running a Friendly Version of a Linux distro.. I was also woundering if anyone could Recomend a Ver of Linux..

How Secure is Linux, I think alot of it is Free, not sure if all.. Only ever Noticed that you have to Pay for the CD if you order one Online and on that Particular Web Site they stated they didnt make any Profit, cant remember the Name exact.

Linux I know is more secure that Windows but what about the like of Encryption Softwere and Buring Media for DVDs and CDs..

Thanks for your Time..


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