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February 9, 2011

No volume icon no sound in Puppy Linux

So Im a noob who with no previous experience managed to get Puppy LInux 5.2 up and running after a full install.

There is no volume icon. Why? I have no sound in the speakers or in the headphones and no master volume. ALSA the sound card reader says it detects four sound cards. Does this program after selecting a sound card give a volume icon control? It hasnt done so. So i downloaded retrovol the program and got the tgz unzipped and the pet file is downloaded too. Neither work. Where do I type $/.configure, $make, $make install to get programs to work on this new OS?

Any ideas on how to get the sound up and running as well as how to get new downloaded programs to work would be great. Puppy Linux 5.2 comes with a program that unzips the tgz files so I can put them in folders in areas of my hard drive. But I dont know how to run the programs.

So two questions: 1) How to get volume control(sound) and how to install/run new programs. (Wine 1.3.9) apparently works after I unzipped the tgz file(I was able to access windows programs somewhat on a CD)

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