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June 8, 2012

Noob Dual-Screen problem

I have only had Linux for a few days, and im not sure where to post this. When I first got Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS it used to only display on the VGA connection and not HDMI, a few days later when I discovered how to install my video card's drivers for Linux, I installed it and it imediately switched to the HDMI connection.... no signal on VGA anymore. I know for a fact the my video card does dual screen as I do it all the time when I'm using windows. When I go to 'Display' in the system settings, the only name I get for a screen is 'Laptop' and I really can't change anything other than the Resolution and sticky edges. Any help is deeply appreciated.

Here are my systems specs:
Intel Pentium G840 Socket LGA1155
MSI H61M-P23-B3
PNY Nvidia GeForce GT 520 1024Mb
2x 2GB Patriot PC3-10600 1333MHz PSD32G13332 (Total of 4GBs)
Any other questions about the hardware, just ask. :)

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