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May 27, 2011

Noob Questions.

I am a Linux virgin.

I have an old pc that the hdd died on, it was a windows xp comp. Asus mother board, 3gig op speed and 2 gigs of ram.

I have an old hdd that I wiped and formatted to NTFS and installed in the comp. 40 gig, ide maxtor.

I dl'ed the latest version of Ubuntu available from this site and burned the image to a dvd.

When I put the disk in and start the comp I get a message saying a bootable disk has been found

but then I get a message saying bootmgr missing (or not found I can't remember which exactly).

The hdd is good. I can put it in my windows 7 comp and use it no probs and all the files show up on the dvd. I have tried

burning the disk image a second time with a different program and get the same results.

Do I need to reformat the hdd to fat32 or am I messing up somewhere else?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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