May 19, 2010

ntfs "disc check" on linux, disc cant load on win#

Hey people, i'm kinda new here,so please be nice.
my pc was "broken" into...
4.5 tera went bye bye!
managed to get 3.5 tera kinda runin (allot of corrupted data,beginning no end.. vice versa {pretty funny} )
what i want to do is to REALLY mount my external "seagate freeagent hd 1 tera,and do a disc-check.
i'm baffled by the terminal with the use of third party software(and even without, dos was easy...this is nutz!).
how do i do it?
in win7 when i hook it up, well it crashes,format via "cmd" does nothing for 12 hours... and i cant even touch it in the admin tools.
i just want my baby back,please lend a hand.
cheers, thanks!

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