August 3, 2014

Oh no not another complete Nooby

I have only ever used Windows OS starting with XP up to 8.1 then reinstalled W7 and have got completely fed up with the whole Microsoft and apps cash cow now that I have retired.
I have been looking at Zorin 9 LTS which I believe is based on Ubuntu but have a few questions.
1) will I need to install a firewall
2) Will I need to install anti spyware
3) Will need to install anti malware
4) How do I dual Boot or would it be better to do a clean install of Zorin
5) If I do a dual boot how do I eventually delete the Windows 7 partition
6)How do I transfer my music 180 mb, photos and word docs to Zorin. I have saved to an external drive.
I think that is enough questions for the time being any help will be gratefully recieved

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